What is the purpose of 611?

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What is the purpose of 611?

What is the purpose of 611?

For customers of some telephone companies in Canada and in the U.S., 6-1-1 is the abbreviated dialing telephone number used to report a problem with telephone service, or with a payphone.

Is 611 free internationally?

Hey there! You can dial the plus sign + followed by 1-505- from your cell to reach our customer care while overseas and not be charged for it.

Is 611 a customer service?

Simply dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone, or use two-way messaging on MyT-Mobile.com, via the T-Mobile App, or iMessage through Apple Business Chat. You can also request a call back or schedule a time for your Team of Experts to call you through both the T-Mobile App and MyT-Mobile.com.

What is the 611 number for Verizon?

Pound codes and star codes are numbers you can call from your Verizon mobile phone to help manage your Verizon wireless account....# Codes and * Codes.
Code to call:Use when you need to:
#UPG (#874)Check your upgrade information
#832Place a test call
*611Call Verizon Customer Service

Who do I get if I dial 611?

Just dial 6-1-1 from any Consumer Cellular phone to speak to a customer service representative. It's free and you won't be charged valuable cell phone minutes!

Is Telus 611 free?

Note: A $2 per transaction service fee applies to customers who top-up, or purchase a 30-day rate plan or add-on by using *611 or 1-866-. Download the free My TELUS app on your TELUS Smartphone. You are not charged data fees for using it.

What area code is 611?

Area code 611 is utilized as a contact for telephone repair service, for landline phones and for customer service departments in different wireless carriers. It is a short code that is used mostly by some local phone companies.

Is 611 a free call on AT&T?

46 from your AT&T wireless phone). From outside the U.S.: Call +1.314. anytime. It's a free call from your AT&T wireless phone.

Who owns tmobile?

Deutsche Telekom T-Mobile/Parent organizations T-Mobile US, Inc. (doing business under the global brand name T-Mobile) is an American wireless network operator partly owned by German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom (DT), which has a 43.2% share.

Can you pay someone else's phone bill t-mobile?

Consumer/postpaid and business accounts with up to 20 lines Pay as a guest without logging in, or make a guest payment for someone else. Pay from your My T-Mobile account.

Can a 611 number be used as a customer service number?

  • Most major wireless providers have reserved 611 as an easy-access customer service number. If a carrier does not participate in the 611 customer service access program, an alternative customer service number needs to be used.

Can you call 611 from Verizon Wireless?

  • Call 611 survey customer satisifaction with Verizon Wireless. If you answer their call they can clone your phone, they were able to reset the time on my wireless router which enabled them to clone my authenticator apps.

Is the 611 number a Tmobile phone number?

  • The whole call had scam written all over it, especially from the # appearing in the caller ID. 611 is tmobiles customer service number that you call to reach them but it's not a number THEY call you from!!! Also, it was +61 1 which indicates it's foreign (61 is Australia's country code). I called tmobile and verified that this is a scam.

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