What is the difference between a 3.73 and a 4.10 axle ratio?

What is the difference between a 3.73 and a 4.10 axle ratio?

What is the difference between a 3.73 and a 4.10 axle ratio?

3.73, for every 373 rotations of the driveshaft you get 100 rotations of the axle, and for 4.10, for every 410 rotations of the driveshaft you get 100 rotations of the axle.

Do 4.10 gears make a difference?

Installing 4.10 gears improves the car's performance on the track but with negligible effects to the highway driving. If your car is equipped with an overdrive, you may not even notice a difference in gas mileage with the new higher gearing.

How fast can you go with 3.73 gears?

One of the more interesting details is how the 3.73 affects 0-60 mph acceleration. While 3.31 Mustangs do nearly 70 mph at the top of second gear, cars equipped with the 3.73 just squeak by, topping out at 61 mph.

Does 3.73 gears make a difference?

A numerically higher axle ratio provides a mechanical advantage to send more of the engine's available torque to the rear tires (and front tires, in a four-wheel drive vehicle), but you pay the price at the fuel pump. So, a truck with optional 3.73 gears will tow a heavier trailer than one with 3.55 or 3.21.

How fast can you go with 4.10 gears?

62 5th gear and 3.73 rear gears yields a theoretical 191mph, . 62 5th gear and 4.10 rear gears yields a theoretical 174mph. If your goal is to make your car as fast as possible (top end), that formula will probably help.

Are 4.10 gears good for off road?

However, it is better to have 4.10 gears installed in your vehicle for the extra power that they provide at low speeds because it allows for better acceleration through turns and makes hills less difficult to climb when you are traveling at very low speeds (30mph or 45kph), which is great for those who like off-roading ...

Are 4.10 gears good for 35s?

4.10 will be just fine for 35's and Especially if you get a 4:1 transfer case for off road adventures. I recently went from 3.21 to 4.10 with 35" Terra Grapplers. It made a huge difference on my 2dr with manual transmission, It's just about perfect around town. I run at about 2400rpm at 70 in 6th gear now.

What is the top speed of a 1995 Ford Mustang GT?

Ford rates it at 140mph.

What are 3.73 gears good for?

A 3.73 ratio is suitable for regular light towing. If you plan on towing a fifth-wheel trailer or anything heavier than 5,000 pounds, you should consider a 4.1 axle ratio.

How do you determine top speed?

2:078:16How To: Calculate a Car's Top Speed - YouTubeYouTube

Which is a better gear ratio 3.73 or 4.10?

  • 4.10 is the typical gear ratio for a high-performance vehicle like a sports car or SUV because it provides better acceleration than 3.73 because of the faster second and third gears, which provide more torque at lower speeds to accelerate from a stop.

Which is better 3.73 or 4.10 traction control?

  • The limited-slip differential in a 4.10 vehicle provides better traction control than on 3.73 vehicles. 3rd gear in a 3.73 system has a 2.23:1 ratio while 4th gear has .70:1 or 2.27:1, and 3rd gear in a 4.10 system is 2.32:1 with 4th at 1.00:1 or 1.96:1.

What's the gear ratio on a Mustang 410?

  • Additionally, with a gear ratio of 373, the pinion will turn 3.73 times for one turn of the ring gears and for a 410, the pinion will turn 4.10 times.

What happens when you change the gear ratio on a Mustang?

  • Vice versa, if the gear ratio is taller (lower number) it has a slower acceleration but the top speed will increase. Something noteworthy to consider, though it may feel like it, horsepower levels are not being increased by changing your axle gear ratio, just the torque.

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