Are Porsche 911 back seats usable?

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Are Porsche 911 back seats usable?

Are Porsche 911 back seats usable?

The Porsche 911 has four seats. The front seats are nicely padded, and the driving position is comfortable. ... The 911's rear seats are cramped, and they are best reserved for smaller children. Leather upholstery and heated front seats are standard; a heated steering wheel and ventilated front seats are available.

Why does the 911 have back seats?

As stated before, primarily for a reduction in insurance costs (Ypu can say you have a 4 seater). Also, you can carry small children (VERY small) or a small amount of luggage or cargo there as well. This adds a bit more utility to the car. LOL...

Are Porsche 911 seats comfortable?

However, Porsche blends breathtaking performance with comfort. Seating on the classic 911s is mostly comfortable. While rear seats are hardly comfortable for anyone except kids, front seats have plenty of headroom and legroom for the driver and passenger.

Can a 911 be a family car?

Yes It Can Be, Sort Of. No one in their right mind would try to pass the Porsche 911 off as a comfortable family sedan. I do believe though that there is something special about those back seats. There have been countless articles and reviews written over the years about the Porsche 911.

What Porsche has a back seat?

Do Porsches have backseats? Porsche models such as the Macan, 911, and Cayenne have backseats that allow you to carry up to five passengers. However, models like the Cayman and Boxster lack backseats.

Can you fit golf clubs in Porsche 911?

You can fit 1-2 Golf bags in the back of a Porsche 911 if the rear seats are folded down to make a shelf whilst taking the Drivers out of the bags and placing them alongside the bag. ... Golf is a amazing sport but it's hard to find time to practice and life gets in the way.

Do any Porsches have back seats?

Porsche Taycan Seating Capacity The back seats, while comfortable, provide a bit less head and leg room for adults. They're perfect, though, for kids, as they even have LATCH connectors to help you secure a child car seat.

Can you daily drive a Porsche?

The Porsche Cayman is comfortable and practical enough to make a great daily driver. They are known for being relatively reliable, age well, and can make your mundane drive to work a real adventure each and every day.

How much room is in the back of a 911?

The 911's frunk has just 5.1 cubic feet of room. That's barely enough for a medium-sized cooler or a few shopping bags. On the bright side, the rear seats fold down into a flat shelf that provides a few more cubic feet of space.

Why do sports cars have back seats?

The back seats provide an excellent additional storage spot for when you don't want to access the trunk or for when the trunk is already full. Again, this is something you don't have to do very often — but when you do have to do it, it's nice to have some space back there where you can put things.

Are there any back seats in a Porsche 911?

  • The 911’s sloping roof and tight rear knee room mean its back seats are really only suitable for kids or very small adults – and even then only for short distances. You're better off using the space to throw coats, bags and other odds and ends into. This is far for a criticism, though, because most of the 911's rivals don't have rear seats at all.

How many cup holders are in back of Porsche 911?

  • You do get two cup holders, though, along with a shallow storage area under the central armrest for a wallet or phone. The 911’s sloping roof and tight rear knee room mean its back seats are really only suitable for kids or very small adults – and even then only for short distances.

Where to put bags in a Porsche 911?

  • As we've already said, though, you can always use the rear seat area to put bags, coats and shopping if you run out of boot space.

How big is the trunk of a Porsche 911?

  • The Porsche 911 has a front trunk with 4.6 cubic feet of cargo space. That isn’t much room, even by luxury sports car standards. The rear seats do fold flat though, allowing for extra storage room in a pinch. The center console is roomy enough for just a couple of items.

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