Are there any 647 numbers left?

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Are there any 647 numbers left?

Are there any 647 numbers left?

If you call a 647 number, how credible is that lawyer, how many years has he been in business for?” Glen Brown from the Canadian Numbering Association, is in charge of assigning numbers to carriers. He notes 416 numbers are no longer being handed out, but there are 2,010,000 647 area code numbers left to be assigned.

Where are 647 numbers located?

city of Toronto Area codes 6 are primarily used in the city of Toronto. Ontario area codes 6 are primarily used in Ottawa as well as the surrounding Eastern Ontario area. 705 is primarily used in most of Central and Northeastern Ohio. 807 is the area code used for Ontario numbers located in Northwestern Ontario.

Is 647 a cell phone area code?

Area code 647 serves Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is an overlay for area code 416 and serves the same area.

What US state has area code 647?

647 is an area code located in the state of Ontario, CA. The largest city it serves is Toronto....Time difference to GMT/UTC.
Standard time:UTC/GMT -5:00 hours
Daylight saving time:+1:00 hour
Current time zone offset:UTC/GMT -4:00 hours
Time zone abbreviation:EDT

Can I sell my 416 number?

Starting at $99, websites like and offer to sell phone numbers starting with 416. Vanity numbers, like 416-888-CHEF, could cost thousands. The man behind those websites, Georgios Pappas, told the Toronto Star he had sold 416 numbers for as much as $2,000.

Is 647 a toll free number?

Area codes 416, 647, and 437 are telephone area codes serving the single rate centre of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Do burner phones have area codes?

Not only can you request a specific area code for your Burner number, but you can give the number a nickname -- great for managing several active disposable numbers at once. Burner is inexpensive.

What is a 647 in police code?

While it is legal for those over the age of 21 to consume alcohol, there are situations where excessive alcohol consumption can lead to misdemeanor charges. Under California Penal Code Section 647(f) PC, it is a misdemeanor offense to be drunk in public.

Is it hard to get a 416 number?

“It's conceivable you could get a 416 number; it's probably difficult,” he says. ... The last large batch of 416 numbers was assigned to Toronto carriers in 2006. Telus spokesperson Chris Gerritsen said 416 numbers only become available to customers today if they are being reassigned.

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