Are Aero Precision lowers mil-spec?

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Are Aero Precision lowers mil-spec?

Are Aero Precision lowers mil-spec?

Our lower parts kits help you to build an AR15 from the ground up. Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality.

Is Aero a mil-spec?

Military and aerospace standards are commonly known as mil-spec or mil/aero specifications and together they comprise the gauntlet faced by electrical connector manufacturers who dare to venture into this world of extreme benchmarks.

What is a mil-spec upper receiver?

More or less, most commercial AR-15's uppers are CALLED mil-spec, because they are all pretty similar (7075 aluminum forging, anodized black, and fairly standard dimensions). “Billet” upper receivers are not as identical to each other from one manufacturer to the next.

Are Aero uppers good?

Conclusion. The Aero Precision M4E1 AR-15 upper fulfills many roles from plinking to home-defense and has maintained a spotless reliability record. Accuracy, ergonomics, and finish are also great. It's more expensive than introductory AR-15s but bang-for-the-buck versus “high-end” manufacturers is stellar.

Who makes Aero Precision lowers?

Our barrels are manufactured at our partner company Ballistic Advantage.

What are AR uppers and lowers?

The upper and lower receivers are simply the two halves of a receiver in the AR-15/M-16 family of firearms. In a two-piece type firearm, the upper carries the barrel and the bolt, while the lower carries the firing mechanism and the magazine.

What are MIL specifications?

MIL-SPEC (defense specification). The use of "milspec" is just the informal way of signifying that something meets a certain Military Standard (MIL-STD) or Military Specification (MIL-SPEC). Two examples of MIL-STD's used in our industry that we deal with often are MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G.

How do I know if my AR-15 is MIL-SPEC?

The chamber of a mil-spec AR-15 or M-16 is 5.56x45mm or 5.56 NATO, whereas a commercial AR-15 barrel can have a . 223 Remington chamber, or a 5.56 NATO chamber. The length of a mil-spec AR-15/M-16 barrel is 14.5” whereas the legally required barrel length for a rifle in the USA is 16” inches.

How do you know if your AR is Mil-Spec or commercial?

The best way to measure is by using a micrometer, and measuring the diameter of the tube. A mil-spec tube should measure about 1.146”, and a commercial will be about 1.17”.

What makes Aero precision AR receivers so good?

  • Aero Precision is most known for two things: superior engineering & machining, and the ability to meet the customer needs. Their products have been recognized across the country by members of the military and law enforcement communities for a simple fact – they work better.

What are the different types of AR 15 upper receivers?

  • You can also buy a stripped upper receiver, into which you can install whichever parts you choose. There are various types of AR-15 upper receiver Assemblies: AR-15 A1 Upper Assembly: Developed in the 1960s, the A1 is the earliest type of upper receiver. It enables accurate firing at up to around 450 yards and provides a 1:12 twist rate.

Who are the manufacturers of Quality ar receivers?

  • Quality AR Receivers Aero Precision manufacturers mil-spec parts and accessories, including AR15 & AR10 uppers, lowers, handguards and more. Aero Precision was opened in 1994 and currently with the headquarters in Tacoma, Washington.

What's the difference between an A4 and A2 upper receiver?

  • Unlike the A3, the A4 has M4-style feed ramps to complement the feed ramps on an M4 barrel. Today when people talk about these various styles, they often use A2 to refer to an upper receiver that has a fixed carrying handle and an A4 to mean a receiver that has a flat top picatinny rail.

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