What happens when you report someone for elder abuse?

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What happens when you report someone for elder abuse?

What happens when you report someone for elder abuse?

If your state mandates reporting, most medical care providers have an obligation to report suspected elder abuse. If they fail to report potential abuse, they can be liable for any injuries and damages the victim may later suffer.

Can APS take someone away?

This means that when someone is struggling with a mental health or substance abuse problem, except when they are an immediate danger to themselves or others, they have the right to refuse treatment services and APS cannot in anyway force them to go against their will.

How long does an APS investigation take?

APS Social Worker staff begin investigations within 24 hours. They will visit clients within 24 hours, three days, seven days, or 14 days depending on the priority of the case. Workers may talk to others who know the client to gather more information.

What is reportable APS?

County APS agencies investigate reports of abuse of elders and dependent adults who live in private homes, apartments, hotels or hospitals . ...

How do you prove elder abuse?

In order to prove you guilty of FELONY elder abuse under Penal Code section 368, the prosecutor must establish beyond a reasonable doubt the following: 1) you inflicted unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering on an elder, or you allowed another person to do so; 2) you acted willfully or with criminal negligence ...

What constitutes abuse of the elderly?

Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, or sexual harm inflicted upon an older adult, their financial exploitation, or neglect of their welfare by people who are directly responsible for their care.

When Should APS be called?

Information For Mandated Reporters Mandated reporters are required to report suspected abuse or neglect by phone as soon as possible and follow up with a completed written report (see link below for form) within two days.

What APS Cannot do?

APS professionals cannot disclose the contents of a case to anyone, even to the reporter. In most circumstances, APS will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a victim's circumstances and health along with any allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

What happens when you report to APS?

What Happens When a Report is Made? A concerned citizen contacts his/her local APS office to report concerns about the welfare of a senior or adult with disabilities. ... If the situation meets criteria for abuse, neglect or exploitation, an APS worker will initiate face-to-face contact with the adult needing assistance.

What happens after APS investigation?

Once a report is assessed by APS, an investigator (typically a social worker) begins working on the “case.” The investigator completes face-to-face visits, collects collateral information from those involved and gathers medical or financial records and documents these activities.

What happens if you don't report abuse to APS?

  • Failure for a mandated reporter to report abuse, neglect and/or exploitation of a disabled adult or elder person is punishable by a criminal misdemeanor.) All persons are encouraged to report suspected abuse to protective services . Persons who report in good faith are immune from liability.

How to contact Adult Protective Services ( APS )?

  • County APS agencies investigate reports of abuse of elders and dependent adults who live in private homes, apartments, hotels or hospitals . To report abuse, call this number 1-833- and when prompted enter your 5-digit zip code to be connected to the Adult Protective Services in your county, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What is the purpose of an APS report?

  • (What physical or mental impairment prevents the adult from protecting themselves?) The purpose of an APS investigation is to verify through personal contact, the vulnerable adult’s physical and mental status, along with how they live, their support system (family and friends), and strengths.

Where can I file a report with APS?

  • You can call or file a report on the web. Note: The online reporting form is not compatible with Internet Explorer 10. APS is not a first responder. Call 911 if someone is in immediate danger!

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