Is millry lake open today?

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Is millry lake open today?

Is millry lake open today?

The 84-acre lake is located at 809 State Lake Rd., in Millry, Alabama. ... Washington County Public Fishing Lake will be open Thursday through Monday from sunrise to sunset and will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. State freshwater fishing license requirements apply.

Is Lee County Public lake open?

From Columbus GA & Phenix City: Highway 80 to Crawford, turn right on Alabama 169, go 9 miles (Depress Motor Co.), turn left on Stringfellow Road (Lee Road 146), 1-1/2 miles to Lee County Lake on the left. Open sunrise to sunset: February 1 - June 30: Open six days each week.

What time does Sylvania lake open?

DeKalb County Lake is located on Sand Mountain 1 mile north of Sylvania, Alabama. From Rainsville take Alabama Hwy 75 north for 6 miles, then left on County Road 27 for 3/4 mile, then right on County Road 194 to DeKalb County Lake. Hours of Operation: Open sunrise to sunset.

Where can I fish in south Alabama?

Best Fishing Locations in Alabama: Bass, Trout, Fly Fishing &...

  • 0.1 1. Pickwick Lake.
  • 0.2 2. Lake Eufaula.
  • 0.3 3. Joe Wheeler State Park.
  • 0.4 4. Lay Lake.
  • 0.5 5. Gulf State Park Pier.
  • 0.6 6. Lewis Smith Lake.
  • 0.7 7. Mobile-Tensaw Delta.
  • 0.8 8. Fort Morgan Peninsula.

Where is Washington County Lake?

Washington County Lake is located 2 miles west of Millry, Alabama. From Chatom take Alabama Hwy. 17 north to Millry, then left on Healing Springs Ave.

What time does Lee County Lake open?

Lee County Lake is a 130 acre lake located 6 miles southeast of Opelika (or 9 miles east Auburn). Lee County Lake is open Sunrise to Sunset as follows: February 1 - June 30.

What type of fish are in the Lee County Lake?

Largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and crappie. Location: Lee County Lake is located 6 miles southeast of Opelika (or 9 miles east Auburn).

Where is Sylvania Lake?

Sylvania Wilderness is an 18,327 acres (7,417 ha) protected area located a few miles west of Watersmeet Township, Michigan....
Sylvania Wilderness
Katherine Lake
LocationGogebic County, Michigan, United States
Nearest cityMarquette, Michigan

How deep is Big Creek?

51 feet Big Creek Lake is a lake situated in the Big Creek State Park in Polk County, Iowa. The lake is situated two miles to the north of Polk City, spreads across 814 acres, and its mean depth is 17.3 feet (maximum 51 feet deep)....Big Creek Lake (Iowa)
Big Creek Lake
Surface area814 acres (329 ha)
Max. depth51 metres (167 ft)

Are there walleye in Alabama?

“Alabama is the natural range for the southern walleye,” McKee said. “They are native only to the Mobile Drainage so Mississippi and Alabama are the only states where they are found.” Few anglers realize that walleye live in Alabama waters.

When do public fishing lakes close in Alabama?

  • During the months of December and January, a majority of the lakes are closed or operate on a limited basis. Information and schedules may change without notice, so please call the Lake Manager or the appropriate Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries District Office for the current operating schedule.

What are the names of the lakes in Alabama?

  • Lamar County Lake is a 68-acre (280,000 m 2) lake located 8 miles (13 km) west of Vernon on Alabama State Route 18, then 5 miles (8 km) north off County Road 21. Lamar County is a prohibition or dry county. Madison County Lake is 105 acres (0.4 km 2) lake located 11 miles (18 km) east of Huntsville.

Where is Lee County Lake in Alabama located?

  • Lee County Lake is a 130 acres (0.5 km 2) lake located 6 miles (10 km) southeast of Opelika. Take Alabama Highway 169 south from I-85 then 1 mile (2 km) west on Lee County Road 146. Lee County Lake is the only lake with fishermen cabins and has a courtesy pier by the boat ramp.

Is there a lake in Fayette County Alabama?

  • Fayette County Lake is a 60-acre (240,000 m 2) lake located 6 miles (10 km) southeast of Fayette off County Road 26. Fayette County is a prohibition or dry county.

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