Am I audible now meaning?

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Am I audible now meaning?

Am I audible now meaning?

capable of being heard; loud enough to be heard; actually heard. noun.

How do you use audible in a sentence?

Audible sentence example

  1. He leaned close to his aunt and spoke in an audible whisper. ...
  2. He made an audible crunch when he jumped onto the snowy roof. ...
  3. Carmen let out a long audible breath. ...
  4. She leaned back, the audible sound of her breath catching music to his ears. ...
  5. There was an audible gasp.

What does Audible mean in slang?

(US, idiomatic) To change plans at the last minute based on newly revealed information.

What is the meaning of you are not audible?

not audible; incapable of being heard.

Is it audible correct or not?

I think "You weren't audible", or "Your voice wasn't audible" are both correct. We use "I can hear you" and "I can hear your voice" to mean similar things. However, "Not audible" suggests "too quiet".

What does clearly audible meaning?

loud enough for people to hear. The sound of a door opening was clearly audible.

How do you use the word audible?

You can download Audible for Android on the Play Store....Your library is where you can find all the books that you have purchased with your Audible account.

  1. On PC and Android: Select ☰ and then select Library.
  2. On iPhone and iPad: Tap the My Library tab at the bottom.
  3. On Mac: Hover the mouse of Library and click My Books.

How do you use audio in a sentence?

Audio sentence example

  1. Unwilling to face him, she turned on the audio portion. ...
  2. Fred had recently discovered the library rented audio tapes of mystery stories. ...
  3. Audio Circus have received live session airplay on BBC Radio Wales.

What is the synonym of audible?

perceptible, discernible, detectable, hearable, able to be heard, recognizable, appreciable. clear, distinct, loud, carrying. inaudible, faint.

What does making an audible mean?

When you “call an audible,” it usually means that the person, project, activity, or goal that SHOULD have been the priority from the start finally earns that top spot – because you've hit a breaking point, small or large.

Which is the best definition of the word audible?

  • Definition of audible (Entry 1 of 3) : heard or capable of being heard spoke in a barely audible voice

When do you call an audible in football?

  • adj. That is heard or that can be heard. Football An offensive play or defensive formation called at the line of scrimmage just before the snap, usually as an adjustment to the opposing team's formation. Also called automatic. To call (an audible) at the line of scrimmage. To call an audible. able to be heard.

Which is an audible sound without impact of tongue or lip?

  • A vowel is that which without impact of tongue or lip has an audible sound. At long intervals, the warning cry of a belated gondolier was just audible, as he turned the corner of a distant canal, and called to invisible boats which might be approaching him in the darkness.

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