Are Agassi and Steffi Graf still married?

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Are Agassi and Steffi Graf still married?

Are Agassi and Steffi Graf still married?

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have been married since 2001 and have said they didn't want to force their children into the professional tennis life. Their son Jaden (19) was born the year they married. Their daughter Jaz Elle (17) was born in 2003.

Does Steffi Graf have a daughter?

Jaz Elle Agassi Steffi Graf/Daughters

Where do Agassi and Graf live?

The athletic couple's primary residence is a 9,000-square-foot mansion in the upscale community of Summerlin; in addition, they also own a number of other homes in the vicinity for members of their family, and one that Agassi – who grew up in Vegas – has owned for a number of decades, is also up for sale.

Was Steffi Graf married to Boris Becker?

Becker's previous marriage (1993) to American Barbara Feltus ended in a messy Miami divorce in 2001, the same year in which Steffi and Andre were married. ... Becker's divorce was the result of the so-called “sex in a broom closet” scandal and the illegitimate child that his quickie with a Russian model produced.

Who married Steffi Graf?

Andre Agassim. 2001 Steffi Graf/Spouse She married former world No. 1 men's tennis player Andre Agassi in October 2001. They have two children. Graf was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004.

Does Andre Agassi have a daughter?

Jaz Elle Agassi Andre Agassi/Daughters

Does Agassi and Graf have kids?

So when they had two children, Jaden and Jaz Agassi, speculations were ripe about the possibilities of new tennis stars. However, it is clear now that the children of this legendary couple will not be playing tennis, at least professionally. The reason, the champions never encouraged them to take up tennis!

How old was Agassi?

51 years (Ap) Andre Agassi/Age

Where is Steffi Graf today?

Las Vegas Personal Life. On Octo, Graf married Agassi, another tennis player who had reached the highest echelons of the sport. The couple lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with their two children, Jaden and Jaz. In addition to family life, Graf stays active with charity work.

Who is the wife of Andre Agassi?

Steffi Grafm. 2001 Brooke Shieldsm. Andre Agassi/Wife In 2001, the Foundation opened the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas, a K-12 public charter school for at-risk children. He has been married to fellow tennis player Steffi Graf since 2001.

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