Is Wanderlei and Anderson Silva related?

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Is Wanderlei and Anderson Silva related?

Is Wanderlei and Anderson Silva related?

The plot thickens, though, as someone comes out of nowhere to stick up for Wanderlei. None other than Strikeforce heavyweight Antonio Silva (who, for the record, has no relation to Wanderlei) decided to voice his opinion on the matter.

What happened Wanderlei Silva?

Wanderlei Silva was recently hospitalized after he was hit by a car in Curitiba, Brazil, while riding his bicycle. As a result of the accident — the second one like it in four years — “The Axe Murderer” spoke with Sherdog, offering up photographic evidence of the damage. BE

Who is Anderson Silvas dad?

Juarez Silva Anderson Silva/Fathers

What is Anderson Silva ethnicity?

Anderson Silva
BornAnderson da Silva São Paulo, Brazil
Other namesThe Spider
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
NationalityBrazilian American

Who has knocked out Wanderlei Silva?

One of the most widely rumored stories in all of MMA history was when Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett allegedly knocked out Wanderlei Silva after Bennett got into an altercation with the Chute Boxing team in the locker room at PRIDE: Shockwave in 2005. BE

Who has beaten Wanderlei Silva?

Wanderlei Silva Record: 35-13-1 (1 NC)
lossWanderlei Silva Dan Henderson22 35
lossWanderlei Silva Mirko Filipovic5 21
winWanderlei Silva Kazuyuki Fujita34 9
winWanderlei Silva Ricardo Arona38 30

Is Anderson Silva left handed?

Interesting fact: many of the top southpaws are right handed including Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Nick Diaz, Robbie Lawler, Yoel Romero, and Luke Rockhold.

Why was Silva Diaz overturned?

Nick Diaz, 37, has not fought since January 2015, when he lost to Anderson Silva at UFC 183. That result was subsequently overturned when Silva tested positive for performance enhancing substances. BE

Who is Anderson Silva wife?

Dayane Silvam. 2017 Anderson Silva/Wife

Did Charles Bennett knock out Wanderlei?

Wanderlei Silva admits he was knocked out by Charles ''Krazy Horse'' Bennet in the famous brawl they had back in the Pride days. BE

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