Why are Aquarius Heartbreakers?

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Why are Aquarius Heartbreakers?

Why are Aquarius Heartbreakers?

Aquarius breaks hearts by trying to crush their partner with their "superior intellect." This is because Aquarians usually have very staunch ideological stances. If their partner disagrees, or is not on the same intellectual plane, they demean them, and break their spirit by putting them down with their cleverness.

Does Aquarius have mental issues?

Aquarians love living in their own little bubble. They have their own perception of life and living and sometimes may often come off as delusional. This is why they may develop Schizotypal Personality Disorder, also known as 'eccentric'.

How does Aquarius deal with heartbreak?

As the ultimate freedom-seeker of the zodiac, Aquarius tend to do just fine after a breakup. This progressive sign is always looking towards the future. They're more logical than emotional, so you'll rarely ever see them crying over an ex.

How do you know if an Aquarius is heartbroken?

Because they're devastated from their heartbreak. They've just lost a friend and now have to decide if showing emotion is the right way to handle things. Sometimes, after breaking up with an Aquarius, you'll never see those true emotions. Other times, they just need some time alone to recover and gather their thoughts.

What does an Aquarius do when hurt?

Aquarius, when hurt, tends to go silent. This is because they need time away to sort their feelings out. Only when they are ready will they pick up the phone or agree to talk about the problem.

What are the weaknesses of Aquarius?

What are Aquarius weaknesses? Aquarius isn't without their downsides. They can be sensitive and often protective of their opinions and ideas. While their ability to stand by their opinions is admirable, it can become frustrating for those around them.

What would make an Aquarius cry?

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) For all their peace, love, and happiness, Aquarius sure has a penchant to crying. ... Whether it's because something is so beautiful, too moving, or just plain ol' heartbreaking, Aquarius can easily cry over anything and everything.

Are there any zodiac signs that are Heartbreakers?

  • While some people experience getting their heart broken by others, there are others who are always on the other side of it, and who break people’s heart. Check out these 4 zodiac signs who are known to be heartbreakers. While Taureans are increasingly loving and passionate people, they are known to be cold-hearted and cruel at times.

What kind of health problems does an Aquarius have?

  • Aquarius rules the shins, ankles, and the circulatory system, while cramps, allergies, sudden illness and freak accidents are common for those with Aquarius active in their charts. They may also suffer from various nervous disorders.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of an Aquarius?

  • Their ability to believe, and ability to truly connect their mind and body, can be beneficial to healing. Aquarius Weaknesses: Sometimes, Aquarians forget that health issues can truly have a physical reason behind it, and may try "wishing things well" instead of consulting with a doctor.

What should you do if you are an Aquarius?

  • Regular breathing exercises, like yoga and ch'i kung are vital to keep the blood pure and prevent gloom and oversensitivity due to unregulated breath. Water should be well oxygenated but avoid spring and carbonated waters. Expose the water to red rays for vital warmth and blood building qualities.

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