What happened to Eric Stewart 10cc?

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What happened to Eric Stewart 10cc?

What happened to Eric Stewart 10cc?

Eric fractured his skull, damaged his left eye and lost the hearing in his left ear. It took him a year to recover and, when he did, 10cc's time in the spotlight was fading. 'It was a very difficult time,' says Gloria quietly. Today, the cars are all gone.

How much is 10cc worth?

He is best known for being the bassist and vocalist for the rock band 10cc. As a solo artist he released his debut studio album The Graham Gouldman Thing in 1968....Graham Gouldman Net Worth.
Net Worth:$5 Million

What does 10cc stand for?

Where did 10cc get their name? 10cc got their name from Jonathan King who released their first records. King had had a dream about a successful band called "10cc". However, popular belief is that they adopted the name because the average male ejaculation is 9cc and the band was above average with 1cc more than that!

Why did Godley and Creme split?

In a 1997 interview, Godley expressed regret that he and Creme had left 10cc, saying: We'd reached a certain crossroads with 10cc and already spent three weeks on the genesis of what turned out to be Consequences ... The stuff that we were coming up with didn't have any home, we couldn't import it into 10cc.

What is the current line up of 10cc?

The current 10cc line-up features Gouldman (bass, guitar, vocals), Rick Fenn (lead guitar, bass, vocals), Paul Burgess (drums, percussion) – both of whom have been with the band since the early years – Keith Hayman (keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals) and Iain Hornal (vocals, percussion, guitar, keyboards).

How old is Kevin Godley?

76 years (Octo) Kevin Godley/Age

What happened to Kevin Godley?

In 2018, Godley was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Arts by Staffordshire University. He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland, and hopes to direct a film based on Orson Welles' time in Ireland.

Is Lol Creme married?

Family. Creme's son Lalo was a member of the 1990s indie-dance band Arkarna, and has also worked on a number of projects with his father. Creme's wife, Angie, is the sister of ex-10cc member Eric Stewart's wife, Gloria.

How old is Eric Stewart?

76 years (Janu) Eric Stewart/Age

Where are 10cc from?

Stockport, United Kingdom 10cc/Origin

When does 10cc come back to the UK?

  • 10cc returns to live shows in March with five concerts in Germany, eight in Holland and a 12-show tour of Australia in April, summer festivals in Europe and a UK tour being planned for the autumn. ”Mick has been a friend and a valued member of the band for many years and I wish him all the very best for the future,” says 10cc’s Graham Gouldman.

Which is the official website of the 10cc?

  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to www.10cc.world, the official website of the 10cc touring band. I hope you’ll enjoy clicking around and finding out lots of info about us, all the news, our tour dates and our biographies, after which you might care to do a bit of shopping.

Are there any members of 10cc still together?

  • "Yes, in a way we're back together," says Graham Gouldman. "Only we're in a box, not a studio. Help!". With Tenology, 10cc should finally get their due as the Fab Four of the 70s.

Is the 10cc tour going to be rescheduled?

  • 10cc’s upcoming Autumn tour has been rescheduled into April and May 2021 due to the current corona virus outbreak. Keep your tickets they will be valid for the new shows.

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