Is 10 cc still together?

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Is 10 cc still together?

Is 10 cc still together?

Godley and Creme quit the band in 1976 due to artistic disagreements and became a duo act. Stewart left the band in 1995. Since 1999, Gouldman has led a touring version of 10cc....
GenresArt rock art pop progressive pop soft rock progressive rock
Years active; , 1999–present

What happened to Eric Stewart from 10cc?

After 10cc split Stewart continued his career as a producer and worked with Sad Café (Facades, 1979, Sad Café, 1980) and Agnetha Fältskog (Eyes of a Woman, 1985). Eric Stewart became heavily involved with Paul McCartney since the early 1980s.

Who is still alive from 10cc?

NameYears activeRelease contributions
Rick Fenn 1999–presentall 10cc releases from Live and Let Live (1977) to Windows in the Jungle (1983), and from Alive (1993) onwards
Keith Hayman 2016–presentnone to date
Iain Hornal2014–present (touring 2014–17)

When did 10cc Release Im not in love?

1975 I’m Not in Love/Released

What is 10cc named after?

Where did 10cc get their name? 10cc got their name from Jonathan King who released their first records. King had had a dream about a successful band called "10cc". However, popular belief is that they adopted the name because the average male ejaculation is 9cc and the band was above average with 1cc more than that!

Are there any members of 10cc still together?

  • "Yes, in a way we're back together," says Graham Gouldman. "Only we're in a box, not a studio. Help!". With Tenology, 10cc should finally get their due as the Fab Four of the 70s.

Which is the official website of the 10cc?

  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to, the official website of the 10cc touring band. I hope you’ll enjoy clicking around and finding out lots of info about us, all the news, our tour dates and our biographies, after which you might care to do a bit of shopping.

When does 10cc come back to the UK?

  • 10cc returns to live shows in March with five concerts in Germany, eight in Holland and a 12-show tour of Australia in April, summer festivals in Europe and a UK tour being planned for the autumn. ”Mick has been a friend and a valued member of the band for many years and I wish him all the very best for the future,” says 10cc’s Graham Gouldman.

How did the band 10cc become so popular?

  • For all the rapier satire and hyper-kinetic approach to songcraft, 10cc became hugely popular. Creme (guitar, keyboards), who grew up wanting to be a comic artist and brought that cartoon vision to bear on the music, was stunned by the scale of their success. "In those days, records sold in their thousands," he says of 10cc's many chart forays.

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